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Environmental - Government Services - Commercial

Precision Integrated is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and support to our customers and the broader unmanned systems industry. We focus our efforts in direct support of unmanned programs for commercial interests, wildlife and environmental preservation bodies, humanitarian and disaster relief/emergency response organizations, and USG national defense, intelligence, and Homeland Security entities.


We take pride in our agility, responsiveness, and proven ability to accomplish assigned missions while remaining sensitive to the environments and cultures in which we are operating.

Mission Ready

The Precision Integrated team has demonstrated their ability to identify and initiate deployment of personnel and equipment within 24 hours of notification.


Precision Integrated deploys highly skilled operators with proven track records of success on worldwide operations in austere, combat, discrete, and shipboard environments. Our team of operators that have each flown and average of 2,500 flight hours on more than a dozen systems.

Global Capabilities

Beyond experience with an array of unmanned aerial systems, our operational and managerial team members have broad geographic experience. Precision’s team has professional experiences in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Past Performance

Agency of Maritime Operatives (Counter Poaching)

Precision Integrated has also been contracted to provide UAS Operations in support of counter poaching operations worldwide. For this particular mission one of Precisions most experienced operators spent 90 days in Costa Rica applying the capabilities of the Skylark system aiding in the protection of the fishing sanctuaries off the Pacific Coast. Precision Integrated was able to fulfill the mission of providing real-time evidence of a fisherman’s boat in a protected area performing illegal netting activity. PRETOMA, a Costa Rican nonprofit that supports ocean conservation and sustainable fishing, was then able to turn this evidence over to Costa Rican officials for processing cases in court.


Precision Integrated has provided our UAS expertise via the operation and deployment of the Aerovel Flexrotor, plus operators/maintainers, to the Cocos Island National park – a UNESCO world heritage site – off the coast of Costa Rica, to patrol the Marine Protected Area surrounding the island.  This operation involved working hand-in-hand with the Costa Rican Coast Guard, Cocos Island park rangers, and a variety of NGOs. Flights were conducted with both EO and IR payloads, and operations were comprised of testing flights for a new location and environment (to include aircraft and camera testing) as well as operations to look for illegal fishermen in the Marine Protected Area surrounding Cocos Island.

MV Aiviq

Precision Integrated partnered with Fairweather Science and Aerovel Corporation to retrieve massive anchors from mooring sites in the Arctic. A highly trained Precision Integrated operator was sent to Alaska to fly the Aerovel Flexrotor that was used for long range imaging reconnaissance at sea that guided the fleet through the labyrinthine ice. The mission included 5 flights totaling 19.3 hours and as a result all the seafloor gear had been retrieved bringing the fleet home weeks ahead of schedule. Precision Integrated is proud to have been part of an operation that allowed a fleet to avoid breaking sea ice in the Arctic and minimize their environmental presence.

Polar Bear Operation

Precision Integrated has most recently been contracted for identifying and monitoring seasonal polar bear activity and den sites in the Prudhoe Bay area of Alaska. Any types of infrastructure, including ice roads, are prohibited from being built within 1500 meters of an established den site. Precision Integrated sent their top mission specialist to perform the surveillance using a Twin Otter aircraft with a FLIR camera system attached. What was initially scheduled as an 8-9 day mission was accomplished in 72 hours by the Precision Integrated team and their partners due to thorough pre-mission planning and cooperative weather. Precision Integrated will continue to provide follow-up missions as polar bear den sites continue to be concretely established.

US Government


Precision Integrated provided ScanEagle UAS Field Service Representatives and Mission Commanders for CONUS, OCONUS, land, and shipboard operations. Precision Integrated teams supported long duration UAV operations focused on direct ISR support for forward deployed U.S. troops and seaborne vessels. Precision’s personnel were responsible for surveillance of large areas of land and sea, tracking High Value Targets, oversight of route clearance, and the identification of suspicious activities, tracking of suspects, and gathering of video and sensor data.  Each team routinely identified and mitigated risks as well as worked with the manufacturer and end customer to provide changes to the system to meet the customer’s need as their mission requirements change.


Precision Integrated had been contracted by the United State Government to provide expeditionary ISR support via the SilverFox UAS platform in highly complex OCONUS environments.  Given the exemplary military backgrounds and proven capability to perform in austere international environments of our operators, Precision’s personnel were responsible for providing support to extremely unique and sensitive missions falling under this program.  This ability to provide actionable intelligence from our “eyes in the sky” to tactical operators is highly valued by our customer, and calls on our operators to integrate their prowess to provide efficient UAV mission completion with their previous low-profile responsibilities outside the wire.

Funny River Fire

Precision Integrated received a call from UAF requesting services to fly the ScanEagle UAS in efforts against the Funny River Fire on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. By the next afternoon Precision had a team in Soldotna for site setup and operations. Given the age and limited upkeep of the equipment, Precision’s team rebuilt a UAV on site, trouble shot multiple issues concerning the ground equipment, and worked with locals to configure a working setup that satisfied safety regulations and would provide necessary data for the fire fighters. The Precision team flew the perimeter of the fire and hot spots were mapped using an IR camera. Pictures from each hot spot were then placed in a software program (custom created on site) matching their coordinates to the photos. GIS personnel finalized and transferred all collected data to the Incident Commander, who disseminated to personnel appropriately each morning.

Services Government

International Organization

OSCE S-100

Precision Integrated provided a worldwide service utilizing the Schiebel CAMCOPTER® S-100, performing flight operations and maintenance services in support of Schiebel’s international programming. Precision Integrated had the opportunity to support the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s (OSCE) Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine as a direct subcontractor to Schiebel. The mission was conducting aerial surveillance and ceasefire monitoring missions in support of OSCE’s mandate “To contribute to reducing tensions and to help foster peace, stability and security. The Mission engages with authorities at all levels, as well as civil society, ethnic and religious groups and local communities to facilitate dialogue on the ground. The Mission will gather information and report on the security situation, establish and report facts in response to specific incidents, including those concerning alleged violations of fundamental OSCE principles.” The data collected is the property of the OSCE and intended for the Organization’s use only. Precision Integrated had been tasked with monitoring the Ukrainian-Russian state boarder and the line of contact.


Tuna Boat

Asset Monitoring

Humanitarian/Disaster Releif (OUR)

Unmanned Services Artic

Any Platform. Any Where.

We understand there is not a one size fits all solution. Your mission, budget, and location will determine which UAV platform provides the greatest value.  Our team routinely conducts UAV operations with Tier I, II, III, IV UAS. Precision will match
the machine to the mission and personnel to your program to meet your requirements on time, on target. Listed below are Precision assets available for immediate service contract deployment world wide.


Small footprint complete mission capability fits in a rolling duffel bag and backpack

8 hour Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) powered endurance

SOFC uses globally available propane

4 hour battery endurance

Quiet operation

15,000 ft. ceiling

Waypoint navigation

Bungee-launches, autonomous mission operations and recovery

Cursor-on-target compliant

Integrated tracker provides scene lock moving target track, auto track and follow navigation

Intuitive operation; rapid training

Multi-UAV operation from a single GCS



Small footprint – no launch and recover equipment needed

Ship based operations

Lauch and recover while on the move

15 hour endurance

Quiet operation

25,000 ft. ceiling

Waypoint navigation

Autonomous mission operations and recovery

Integrated tracker provides scene lock moving target track, auto track and follow navigation

Multi-UAV operation from a single GCS

Our Team

Precision Integrated selects and employs leaders who mobilize, operate, and sustain Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) conducting Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) services internationally. Our operators are carefully screened and hand-selected for each individual mission to ensure that they are not only technically qualified, but also personally suited for the needs of each client and environment. Our personnel prepare for and operate each mission with a foundation of knowledge that has been gained through a myriad of situations over many years.

The Precision Integrated FSR team has demonstrated their ability to deploy rapidly to international locations on short notice. Our personnel and logistics support structures have great familiarity using commercial providers to transport equipment in a discrete yet efficient manner and operate with an extremely small footprint with as few as one operator to complete the mission. We are also able to provide operators with language skills of numerous host nations. Operators for specific projects have been required to develop basic working knowledge of host country languages.

Every mission requires comprehensive management oversight and professional talent in order to be successful. The established Precision Integrated management team brings premier past performance in: logistics, maintenance, training, technical support, aircraft, engineering, contracts administration, program management and operational execution in multiple environments where reliability is not a desire, but a vital necessity.

Unmanned Team
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