Precision's Integrated division is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and support to our customers and the broader unmanned systems industry. We focus our efforts in direct support of unmanned programs for commercial interests, wildlife and environmental preservation bodies, humanitarian and disaster relief/emergency response organizations, and USG national defense, intelligence, and Homeland Security entities.

Precision is proud to provide highly credentialed professionals with proven experience to achieve customer goals. We take pride in our agility, responsiveness, and proven ability to accomplish assigned missions while remaining sensitive to the environments and cultures in which we are operating. Our operational experience spans the full spectrum of unmanned systems operations.

In addition to providing manpower, and training, Precision also offers fully managed turnkey UAV service provision. Through this offering, customers can purchase imagery and/or resultant intelligence and collections on an hourly basis. This cost-effective option allows for the gathering and production of tailored information based on customer-dictated priorities.

We also have the expertise to: