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Precision Helicopters Heli Approach

Tour DeVine offering aerial perspective of Willamette Valley

Has the congestion of 99W taken some of the fun out of Willamette Valley winetasting? You’ve toured the wineries by limousine enough times that it no longer feels special? Enjoyed the view floating peacefully along via hot air balloon? For wine lovers who consider how they get there as important as being there, Tour DeVine by Helicopter aims to offer the highest end wine country experience available.

Pilots are put through rigorous scrutiny—including passing all FAA requirements—have thousands of hours of air time in multiple air frames and enjoy double duty as onboard tour guides throughout each flight.

Read More: http://blogs.columbian.com/corks-and-forks/2016/04/01/tour-devine-offering-aerial-perspective-of-willamette-valley/