A Safety Management System (SMS) is a systematic process that is used to identify potential hazards, assess risk and develop appropriate response plans. At Precision, we have established an Integrated SMS that takes a holistic approach and touches every aspect of our Operation.

Establishing a culture of Safety is the first step in accident prevention and ensuring the safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority. This philosophy permeates our organization, whether instructing new students, piloting a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft or working on those aircraft in the hangar. The integrated SMS is a cornerstone of the way we approach aviation. Precision has an industry-leading accident avoidance rate and superior quality standards.

Precision has multiple systems in place to continually improve its safety record. These systems are both proactive and reactive in nature to ensure low risk, while retaining the ability to respond quickly and systematically when issues arise. The systems include a reporting system, incident and accident investigation procedures, and corrective actions.