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Our Fleet

Training:- Ab-Initio, Recurrent and Advanced Skills:

Precision prides itself in the broad range of training it offers, whether you’ve never flown before or are a highly experienced pilot looking to sharpen your skills, or indeed looking to put your entire staff through a refresher, we offer courses that can be specifically tailored to suit your needs.

External Load, Fire Fighting, and Agriculture:

Precision Helicopters lives up to the name when providing our customers with precision utility helicopter services. You can be confident in our pilots’ safe, proficient approach and experience in any environment.

Photo and Video:

Precision’s pilots have the experience and knowledge to get you the shots that will impress customers. Working with a pilot that understands the photographer’s needs, such as light, angle and proximity makes the difference between good and great photography.

Law Enforcement:

Precision Helicopters can provide agencies with a stable platform for monitoring and surveying subjects at discrete distances.

Tours, Charter, and Special Events:

Let Precision’s experienced pilots show you the amazing Oregon landscape on one of our tours.

Wine Tours:

Whether you are a wine connoisseur looking for a new way to explore Oregon’s wine country or a wine novice looking for adventure, we have a wine tour for you.

Oregon by Air:

The most unique and thrilling way to see this magnificent State. If you want to experience Oregon scenery from the air, Precision has a tour for you; spectacular mountains, ancient forests, the wild and rugged Oregon coast and the beauty of the high desert. All of this is a short flight from our facility. We would love to show you why we think Oregon is the most beautiful and varied State in the nation.

Operation Services

Chehalem Airpark (17S)

Chehalem Airpark is a public use airport owned and operated by Precision Aviation. We offer a comprehensive set of services including fuel, hangars, Maintenance, Tours & charters, Flight Training and more!

We are located 25 miles south of the Portland International Airport, and about 4 miles west of Newberg, in the heart of the beautiful Oregon wine country. Local attractions include the Evergreen Aviation Museum, wine tours, Champoeg State Park and more.

Operations FBO

Airport Information

Portland Approach/Departure
Class G Airspace at Field
Class E Airspace at Field
VOR: Newberg (UBG)
Traffic Pattern Airplanes
Traffic Pattern Helicopters
Calm Wind Runways
Runway Length
FBO Precision Aviation
Hangars and Tie Downs

Surface to 700ft
700ft and above.
117.4 MHz, 291 degrees, 4 NM
1200ft MSL
700ft MSL
25 for landings, 07 for departure
2285′ x 40′
503-537-0108 or email us

Aircraft Management

Looking after an aircraft, ensuring it’s airworthiness, it’s insurance, compliance with relevant AD’s and SB’s and having it clean and ready when you want it, these are amongst the responsibilities that Precision can take care of.

Because we look after a diverse fleet of aircraft, our insurance rates are lower than a single aircraft owner can achieve, these savings are often significant! You may also be interested in recouping more ownership costs, again Precision can work with you to utilize the aircraft with us.

Precision’s Maintenance Department is an approved MD Service Center and also specializes in servicing , Sikorsky, Bell and Airbus aircraft. This means, in addition to the high standards of safety and maintenance upkeep that our own facility insists on, we as a company also receive the extra insight, service and assistance from the actual manufacturers of the aircraft we operate.

Operation Management