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There’s not much that can make Oregon wine tasting this spring any more blissful.

Except, perhaps, a stunning view of wine country from 1,000 feet up.

And being able to get from one winery to the next in 5 to 7 minutes, rather than 20 to 30.

Enter the helicopter wine tour, a popular concept in other wine regions of the United States that’s now gaining steam in Oregon, as tour operators look for ways to create authentic, intimate experiences for wine country novices and experts alike.

“We call it a seven-mountain day,” our Precision Helicopter Tours pilot Tyler Sturdevant, explained at liftoff one recent picture-perfect morning with this reporter and other passengers along for the ride.

The turbine-operated A-star helicopter, which Precision likes to call the BMW of helicopters, took off from a small field next to Red Hills Market in Dundee, 50 minutes outside of Portland, where the tours start and end.

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