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Tours & Charters

Oregon is one of the most diverse and beautiful States in the USA. From its magnificent and rugged coastline to the high desert interior, ancient forests and dramatic peaks are just part of what makes Oregon special. Exploring the State by Air is an unforgettable experience.

In the heart of wine country, Precision is a short drive from Portland, but you would never know it. We have worked with local Vineyards to put together tours that allow you to combine enjoying wonderful scenery with the world famous wines of the area.

Helicopter Charter & Tours


Precision takes pride in attention to detail and safety when serving our customers.

Whether for business or pleasure, our professionalism and our pride in service will ensure that your day goes to plan. Whether you need a convenient trip into PDX or need someone picked up from there or downtown Portland, we can arrange it. If you want to go farther afield, that’s no problem either.

If you require utility work of any description, we will work closely with you to ensure the safe and efficient completion of the mission or project. We offer a variety of light and heavy helicopters and will ensure the right aircraft is matched to your requirements.

Wine Tours

There are many wonderful sights to see in the Rose City area while visiting and recreating. Precision Helicopters has invaluable local knowledge that we happily pass onto our customers, providing them with a little extra touch of the Pacific Northwest from the air!

Precision is surrounded by vineyards, many of which have international reputations for their excellent Pinots – which is the signature wine of the area. However it’s not just the vineyards with world famous reputations that are making world class wines. We will happily share our local knowledge with you and introduce you to some of the boutique vineyards that are producing some really special wines.

Make sure you bring along a camera to capture the highlights of your day!!

Helicopter Charter

Airplane Charter & Tours


We understand the importance of your time-critical objectives when utilizing an aircraft for efficient business transportation needs. Making use of an airplane enables you to meet with numerous people in numerous places in a short amount of time. Time-sensitive material and information can be delivered very quickly by flying over slow-moving traffic, as well as geographical time, speed, distance-limited areas.


Depart on your aerial tour from our base of operations in Newberg, or from many other airports in the area. Talk with the experienced and knowledgeable pilot throughout your flight with quiet headsets. Bring your still or video camera to capture breathtaking vistas from above.

Airplane Charter

Come experience Oregon’s best wine tour; combined with amazing wines and views all from the comfort of your personal helicopter.  Our Helicopter Wine Tours will whisk you away for roughly 4 hours, so please plan accordingly for your sublime escape.

Tour DeVine by Heli

Tour DeVine by Heli