Tailored Courses

External Load/Utility Courses

Currently, there is a great demand for proficient and safe external load / long-line pilots in the utility helicopter industry. Precision Flight Training offers two courses to introduce the pilot to this profile: the Basic Course and the Advanced Course. These courses familiarize the student with rotorcraft external load operations, rules, regulations, training requirements, and teaches the flying methods needed to qualify the pilot for helicopter external load operations.

Both courses' ground schools cover FAR Part 133 and the certification process, rotorcraft external load combination flight manuals, attaching mechanisms and devices, preflight and use. You will also be taught external load operational planning, objectives, inspection of operations area, ground crew communication, performance limitations, safety and accident prevention.

Both courses' flying portions begin with an introduction to vertical reference flying. Then the student is taught the basic external load techniques for rigging lines, remote hooks, cargo slings, cargo nets, approach / departure techniques, load control and recovery from oscillations.

The basic course introduces the student to vertical reference, belly hook set-ups, cargo nets, short-line (25') and medium-line (50'). This course is designed to allow the student to become proficient flying an empty line and controlling it with accuracy.

The advanced course continues with various weight / size load combinations and remote area operations. In addition to the 25' and 50' lines, the student will become proficient with 100' long-lines. Remote area operations are emphasized with confined area, ridgeline and pinnacle approach and departure flying techniques.

Mountain Training

Precision Flight Training's Mountain Training Course in the Oregon Coast Range focuses on the challenges a pilot faces when encountering steep mountain topography. This course is a must for pilots considering a career in flying long-lines, fir boughs, power lines, or any other utility work in hilly or mountainous terrain. The course syllabus covers:

Helicopter Insurance Course

This course is designed for private owners and commercial operators who operate and insure their own helicopters. We have worked with, and are approved by, many insurance companies and can help you meet your insurance requirements. We can also provide initial and recurrency training.

Wildland Fire/Natural Resource Pilot Course

(PFT Advanced External Load Course or previous external load experience required)

Precision Flight Training offers this course for pilots wanting to gain knowledge and experience to become carded in the AMD (Aviation Management Directorate) and US Forest Service system. When carded in this system, a pilot may fly many different profiles for the customer including fire suppression, support, air attack, point to point, project, rehabilitation work, game surveys, etc.

This training introduces the student to AMD / USFS policies, systems, IHOG manual, regulations and flight training requirements. This course covers flight following / AFF dispatch procedures, aircraft load calculations, mission planning, safety, radio and crew communication procedures, helibase, confined area, vertical reference cargo and water bucket operations. Emphasis is placed on 150' long-line proficiency, bambi-bucket (water bucket) operations in remote areas and aircraft performance limitations.