Preparation and Testing

FAA Testing Center

Precision Flight Training can help you with your FAA Written Test needs. In partnership with LaserGrade, we provide a pleasant, quiet and relaxed environment for you to take your test. Our Flight Training department can help you with the required endorsements if you need one.

The following tests are available for all category and class ratings:

Our instructors will work one-on-one with you to help prepare you for the written exams. We have significant resources at hand to ensure you are fully prepared for these when the time comes.

All of these exams can be taken at our facility, which helps minimize the anxiety of the experience. They can be taken in a time frame that works with your own preparation and we will ensure that your knowledge is up to the task before we recommend sitting any exam.

Flight Tests

You will conduct your flight test with an authorized FAA check airman in the same aircraft you learn to fly on.

We will have conducted all the exercises you will encounter and we will have worked together to ensure that when we arrange the Flight Test, our instructors have absolute confidence that you are ready.

Every student has their own unique learning curve, our personalized approach works with you to maximize your potential. Your Flight Test will begin and end at our own airport, however by the time you reach this stage, you will be comfortable flying anywhere. That's our promise.