FLYITFAA Approved Professional Helicopter Simulator

Helicopter Training

Deciding which flight training school you will attend to obtain your helicopter license, is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Not only is it a significant financial decision, but more importantly it will lay the foundations for the skills you will need to command an aircraft. Learning to fly a helicopter requires significant discipline, coordination and commitment; it is an enormously satisfying challenge.

Helping you rise to this challenge is a source of great pride for our team.

Precision offers our students instructors with real world experience in an environment of true diversity. The Pacific Northwest is an area where many modern helicopter flying techniques were pioneered.

Learn to Fly in a Schweizer 300
These are helicopters that are capable of real work—not just a training helicopter. This well-proven model has controls that are fundamentally the same as its turbine counterparts. It is in these turbine machines that the majority of helicopter work is performed around the world.

FAA Approved FLY IT Simulator
Use this fantastic tool to improve your skills and save money.
You can log time on this training device that is recognized and credited as hours towards your initial license and your IFR endorsement.

You save money and time working 1 on 1 with the same instructors you fly with.

Turbine Transition
Turbine helicopters are the real workhorses of the industry. Their power to weight ratio is the ideal power plant for a helicopter—light, reliable and powerful. Employers give weight to experience and knowledge of these machines, because that's what does most of the flying. Precision can provide you with both the theory and the practical experience to transition you from piston to turbine.

Advanced Skills
Long-line, mountain & pinnacle flying, winter flying, IFR, Low level flying
We have the courses, the geography and the instructors to make you a better pilot.

FAA Commercial Helicopter License
Make yourself more employable with an internationally recognized FAA license. Why not learn to fly in the US, the most cost effective place to obtain a helicopter license in the world. Then go back home and transition to your national license or do it the other way round. Either way, you won't find better value or better instruction.

Precision—real helicopters in real helicopter country.
Let us help you realize your goal, whether it be your first flight in a helicopter or advanced training and skill building. Pilots come to us from a great variety of international locations to obtain their FAA licenses. With our help all the necessary paperwork and visas are addressed and we can expedite the process of license conversion.