Foreign Students

Learning to fly in the USA makes sense on a number of levels:

If you are in Europe, Asia or the South Pacific you can learn to fly in the US for a fraction of what it costs at home. Even factoring in airfares and accommodation!

Pilots come to us from a great variety of international locations to obtain their FAA licenses. With our help all the necessary paperwork and visas are addressed and we can expedite the process of license conversion.

Precision will walk you through:

Make yourself more employable with an internationally recognized FAA license. Why not learn to fly in the US, the most cost effective place to obtain a helicopter license in the world. Then go back home and transition to your national license or do it the other way round. Either way, you won't find better value or better instruction.

FAA—Canadian Conversion

BC Helicopters

If you hold a valid FAA license and would like to convert to a Canadian license, our partners at BC Helicopters will assist you with all the necessary steps. Visit them at!foreignconversion/c1llw.

Feel free to give us a call or send an email with any questions. We'll happily share our knowledge on the requirements and help you in any way we can.