Airplane Training

  • VFR, IFR
  • Single Engine, Multi-Engine
  • ATP, FAA license conversions
  • Instructor ratings

There is no country in the world that can match the value of flight training in the USA. An FAA license is recognized internationally and can provide a great foundation and a first step in a career. Or a lifelong hobby that allows you to see the world from a unique perspective.

3 Reasons to Learn with Precision:

High Standards
Our curriculum ensures you will have the skills that will get you your initial job in the aviation industry. Just meeting the FAA standards will get you a license, but it will not get you a job. We teach the skills students need to jump-start their aviation careers.

Personalized Training
Our program focuses on a "one-on-one" approach. This allows us to personalize the curriculum to ensure you maximize your potential. Our instructors will adapt to your learning style and ensure you have the skills and knowledge to take your career to the next step.

Real World Environment
Precision's location in the Pacific Northwest offers a variety of training environments including ocean, mountain, high desert and metropolitan areas, with year-round flying conditions. This allows our helicopter and fixed-wing students to experience training which closely reflects real world operational environments.

Precision's comprehensive training center includes airplane and helicopter training, an FAA Testing Center, in-house maintenance, in-house Designated Examiner and quality training aircraft and our own airport.

The climate and surrounds of Oregon make our location an ideal base from which to learn to fly an aircraft, please give us a call or drop us an email and we can help get you airborne.